1. How long will my canvas take to be delivered?
We aim to get your order to you within 4 working days, however please allow up to 6 working days for delivery/collection before contacting us.
2. The site will not accept my image?
If your image file size is too large it will cause the server to time out. Images should be 6 megabytes or under. If the image is more then 6 megabytes, please contact us directly and we will advice the best option for sending your file.
3. Is my image of good enough quality for printing?
Images should be of at least 3000 kilobytes (three megabytea). Anything smaller may cause the image to pixelate when enlarged for printing, resulting in a blury, low-quality canvas. To see the size of your image file, simply right click on the image and click on properties.
4. Colours
We aim to print the best quality canvas we can, if your image is dark or has been taken on a camera phone this can impact on the printing quality. We will alway contact you if we have any concerns.
5. What is the life span on the canvas wrap
We use a high quality canvas and eco-solvent inks, so the canvas should last the life of the canvas (over 20 years)
5. Canvas Sizes
Our standard sizes are based on the most common ordered, we can offer custom sizes to suite your requirements. The frame system we use works in 2” increments. Contact us with your requirement and well see what we can do to help.